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Ihsan997 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2017
Have you ever considered what a design for the interior of Protoss vehicles would look like? I was wondering about that the other day. Terran ships are easy to imagine since they're human and we can extrapolate from other sci fi genres. But what about the cockpit and crew space of a void ray? Or the bridge of a carrier?
xiaorobear Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2017
I definitely have ideas in my head! Maybe sometime I'll put up some concepts, just been really busy lately. I can do a void ray bridge.
patrick5525i Featured By Owner Edited May 8, 2017
Hope you can draw legacy of the void Protoss campaign units scale lol
joshpurple Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2017
Thanks :highfive: !
Steamrider86 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2016   Digital Artist
Its a good thing I stop by and saw your page, I love your work man! I just got back to playing starcraft II and finish all campaigns and learn all of the units! Adding you to watch!
xiaorobear Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2016
Thanks so much!
Alex05 Featured By Owner Edited Mar 3, 2016
Love your work! If you're ever interested, you should totally remake these 4, I think you could accurately re-do them:

Soul Hunter:…

Umojan Marine:…

Arclite Siege Tank (Based on SC2 design):…

Super Carrier:……

The current variants we have available from fan artists are really good, but they mostly are not in line artistically with other SC2 designs or use recycled textures and meshes, rather than looking exactly like the original models/artwork pieces. I saw that your Shuttle was based on the actual SC2-based design used in a comic:…

That one looks and fits with other SC2 unit designs, so the look of other SC1 units or cinematic units that were made by fans for SC2 is not quite as fitting and takes some artistic license (or very little), deviating from the actual art work and sort of looking out of place with other designs.

No offense to the original artists who remade these in-game, those are pretty good, same with the shuttle, as it was remade by other artists, but not as accurately as your current WiP model.
xiaorobear Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2016
Thanks a lot!

For the Umojan marine, I really think GhostNova's looks exactly how Blizzard would have made it. And I don't think I could do a better job than he did on his Soul Hunter.

I do agree that there's a lack of nice Arclite custom models. I'm not actually the biggest fan of the Arclite design in that Mr. Jack painting, though. It may be a more realistic design to have the tank's armor and turret be so close to the ground, but I prefer the more chunky and distinctive silhouette of the older designs.
If someone were to update the design to look at home as an SC2 unit, I think this model by Jun89 would be a good one to follow. If I ever made one though, I'd want to do it the way I did the hydralisk, trying to recreate the shape of the original sprite, and then add textures that match SC2. So it might not be exactly what you want.
PhillGonzo Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Jesse Brophy is posting his high poly Starcraft Sculpts, thought you might find interesting.…
xiaorobear Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2016
Thanks for the tip! Definitely gives some great insight into the process, and, that Devourer... 
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